Elizabeth, New Jersey

CONSULTING ENGINEERS: Morris Johnson & Associates, KSI Consulting Engineers


COMPLETED:  February 2014
PHOTOGRAPHER: Garrett Rowland

This Ambulatory Surgery Center is constructed in a metropolitan New Jersey medical office building and is 9,020 square feet.  Ambulatory (aka Out-Patient) Centers are primarily used during the day time hours which allowed us to take advantage of the existing curtain wall façade’s abundance of glazing.  The Patient Waiting Room, Pre-Operative Patient Bays, Post-Operative Recovery Bays, as well as the Step Down Patient Bays were all situated so that patients in the most critical times would encounter the healing effects of the natural sun light. The benefit of sun light on a recovering patient has been recognized in the medical field as it helps reconfigure the internal clock after a period of unconsciousness during the operative treatment.  As Louis Kahn once said:

“We are born of light. The seasons are felt through light.  We only know the world as it is   evoked by light.  

Our use of color to positively affect the patient’s mindset is prevalent throughout.  Implementing a palate of soothing earth tones and pops of bright, warm colors create a comfortable environment which ease the apprehension felt by anxious patients. 

The Operating Rooms, Patient Areas, and the Staff Support Rooms are organized along the Main Corridor, Semi-Restricted Corridor, and Restricted Corridor for the most efficient patient flow possible.  The layout revolves in a circular manner thereby allowing the patient to move through the suite in a natural progression of the various phases of treatment: preparation, surgery, and recovery.  This flow minimizes mixing of pre and post-operative patients and maximizes efficiency; leading to high quality patient care.

This Ambulatory Surgery Center implements the proven advantages of natural light, as well as the positive psychological effect of warm colors to instill a sense of positive well-being for all patients.


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