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Healing spaces are a result of client collaboration and design excellence”


It is proven that good design directly affects the Health and Wellness of patients promoting recovery and rehabilitation.  Truly Collaborative design with the end users promotes efficiency which in turn leads to fewer errors in patient care.    

We create beautiful efficient environments that encourage healing and instill comfort with a personalized approach to each facility.  Pallante Design recognizes the dedicated needs of each type of Healthcare services and offer bring our knowledge of each to your project . 

Great spaces promote productivity in the work place


A well designed environment boosts employee’s performance.  The psychology of a “good” workplace will pay for itself.  “Healthy” interiors does not refer simply to Healthcare, they keep employees feeling psychologically fit resulting in physical wellness that promote high productivity.  Your return on investment will show in your bottom line.

We integrate sustainable interior finishes, utilizing natural light, encouraging color palettes and spatial configuration that allow for employee comfort.  

A persons living environment is a reflection of their personality 


Design is our common thread for all of our projects.  Some of our projects are for the pure comfort and leisure of our clients; this is when collaboration brings their personal vision into reality.  From Pool Cabanas to multifamily homes, we afford our clients the ability to create their dream.  



The personality of your space


Colors and materials provide the foundation of our spaces.  Our Interior Design Department can select every element of your space from flooring to window treatments.  The 3D photo realistic renderings we create allow the clients to understand our design intent easily. 

Our Interior Design Department designs custom millwork and furniture which allows for a unique approach to each Interior Design project. 



The pieces of the project


Having a general concept but not the details of what is needed to achieve the end result can be the difference between a successful project and a failed one.  We will develop a complete program for you so that you have a full picture of what is needed to reach your vision.  


Creating a map of your project for

the construction process.


Once the planning process is complete, our firm will execute a complete set of drawings and specifications detailing the culmination of the results of our planning process into a roadmap for the construction of your project utilized to bid the project to qualified contractors.  We will also assist the client in deciding upon the best contractor to complete the project after the Bids are reviewed.    

We work closely with consulting engineers that understand our projects and the methods in which we work.  They provide services such as mechanical, electrical, and civil & structural engineers.   



A building is art that you work or live in


Starting with your needs and your blank canvas of vacant land, we will develop your building simultaneously working between plan and three dimensional massing, sculpting it to meet your requirements.  We will take you from the foundation to the roof.    


Can it be done, if so how?


Often clients have an idea but are not sure if it will work.  In the first part of the planning process we will meet with you to discuss what you are trying to achieve.  This process will include assessing the possible spaces and presenting the strategy to implement your idea. 


Facilitating the contractors progress through cooperation and clarity


Once the project has been designed and awarded to a contractor, Pallante Design is involved until completion in order to protect your interest.  We will assist our client to assure that what we together have designed will be carried through in construction.  Through the construction we will attend construction meetings and be available to answer any questions the contractors may have.  At the culmination of the project we assist the client to officially close out the project.  


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